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How Can Dasudian Help You?

Transform high-volume and heterogeneous data from sensors, machines, web, mobile phone and any other live sources into actionable insights.

Beyond Digital Transformation

Digital Revolution, is depeening with AI and IoT, changes everything about the way products are designed, manufactured, delivered, and serviced. AI and Data would be the fundamental resources underlying business processes, management practices, and information systems. Digital transformation is no longer a matter of competitive advantage for businesses, but rather the basic way of life.

Dasudian's products harness data and generate real-time predictions with solid big data infrastructure and AI algorithms, enabling industries and businesses to work better and create much more value.

Dasudian's mission is to help industries harness data and maximize value creation with actionable insights from massive data.

@Barco J. You, Founder

(Screenshot: Machine Operation Heat Map Feature)

Event Based Real Time Analytics

Using our real-time analytics you will be able to get all insights of your assets' events, operations and user interactions. Dasudian IoT DataHub automatically detects your events and shows you all the data in beautiful and insightful visual reports.

You’re able to create funnels and labels to monitor your machine operations, user interactions and business processes.

All the data in Dasudian Analytics Platform is provided and crunched in real time.

All the advanced analytics could be easily and quickly implemented on Dasudian's platform, tracking devices and users’ events and helps to track potential risks and causalities.

@Ivan Uemlianin, Co-Founder & Chief Scientist


Operation & Process Suggestions

Operation and Process Suggestions allow you to filter useful insights to improve your production management and equipment maintenance. You can easily see insights such as most unresponsive gestures, most frequent events, highest quit rates, abrupts in values, patterns behind vibrations and qualitiy trends etc.

So you can discover which factors have a higher influence on quality or failure, which operations are causing confusion, and the top actions by workers.

Cutting-edge and solid technologies behind Dasudian's Analytics Platform always perform beyond customer's expectation, giving you insightful and valualbe suggestoins on production and operation.

@Matthias Hub, Co-Founer & CTO

(Screenshot: Dasudian Analytics for Assets Operations)

Less Downtime & Higher Efficacy

Consistently hit peak performance. Our quality-centric insights keep delivering hight-standard results. Identify risks, decrease downtime, optimize the production quality and efficiency of critical assets.

Invisible relationships in factors and actions are the most valuable insights helping improve products and pursue more margin, with powerful quality-centric analytics of Dasudian Platform everything becomes easy and achievable!

@Nancy Hsung, VP


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3 Key Points to Get you started with Dasudian Analytics

Multiple Data Sources

Compatible with all platforms: Web, UCos, Linux, iOS, Android, WinCE and Windows Desktop apps.

Low Footprint

Dasudian’s SDK is lightweight & works in the background without impacting your app’s performance.

Easy Integration

Integrate our analytics solution by adding the DataHub SDK and only a single line of code, in less than a minute.

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