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Product Features

Operation Heat Maps

(Screenshot source: Dasudian Analytics Operation Heat Map Feature)

Dasudian Analytics records all operation events of your users and devices and shows as a heat map. Dasudian Analytics allows you to see all specific actions (shutdown, touch, twist, pinch, press, etc.) as a heat map analytics.

Machine Maintaners, Production Managers and App Developers can get answers of these questions with operation heat maps:

  • Which parts of machine might malfunction?
  • Where should I locate my sensors?
  • Where should I locate my notification pusher?
  • Which elements are mostly used? Which of them must be changed immediately?
  • Should I change the processes and flows of my production?

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Pattern Recognition

(Screenshot source: Dasudian Analytics for Pattern Recognition)

Dasudian Analytics allows engineers and production managers to track status of your assets and IT systems. Engineers can track all movement and failure patterns for predictive maintenance.

Also, Dasudian Analytics allows engineers to track device interactions like power on, shutdown, shake, pinch, device orientation, and location.

Engineers and managers can get answers of these questions with pattern recognition and health prediction:

  • How operators interact with the machines and systems?
  • Which actions and operations are unresponsive?
  • How parts of machines interact with each other, in normal way?
  • What is the hidden causalities of the failures?
  • What is the impact factors for the qualities?

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Quality Analytics

(Screenshot source: Dasudian Analytics for Qaulity Control in Real-time)

Dasudian Quality Analytics comprehensively and automatically shows quality metrics and information about your production processes:

  • Total Operation Time
  • Pass Rate and Failure Highlights
  • Recorded Events and Anomalies
  • Failure Rate
  • Production Yeild
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Bounce Rate
  • Device Models & Product Models
  • Quality Trends
  • Health Status and Failure Predictions

Engineers, Plant Managers and Application Developers can define any metrics they want to track and get these insights by integrating IoT DataHub SDK at industrial fields and deploy algorithms on cloud. Engineers and Production Managers can get answers of these questions with quality analytics in real time:

  • What is my production yeild in real-time?
  • How many events recorded as a heat map and any highlights?
  • What is the average production time in normal?
  • What is the pass rate and how the trend looks like?
  • What is the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)?
  • What is the positive and negtive factors impacting qualities?

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Event-based Analytics

(Screenshot source: Dasudian Analytics for Events)

Dasudian Analytics allows Engineers and Production Managers to track event based insights as well. When you integrate our SDK, Dasudian Analytics automatically creates your events in your dashboard. You can track event-based actions or funnels in your dashboard.

Engineers and Production Managers can get answers of these questions with event-based analytics:

  • Which events are most triggered by which specific devices and users?
  • What are my event-based insights day-by-day, hour-by-hour and minute-by-minute?
  • Which improvements changed the popularity of my events?
  • When will the events happen and how should we respond to them?

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Conversion Funnels

(Screenshot source: Dasudian Analytics Conversion Funnels)

Dasudian Analytics allows you to create funnels by your events. It is easy to create funnels which has two or multiple steps in your dashboard. App developers can see most active funnels, funnel activity breakdowns and conversions minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour and day-by-day.

App Developers can get answers of these questions with conversion funnels:

  • What is my onboarding process completion rate?
  • What is the usage trace?
  • How many people are doing this after that?
  • What is the operation routines?

Risk Analytics

(Screenshot source: Risk Analytics and Prevention)

Dasudian Analytics allows you to get detailed information about your users's misoperations and attacks. You can find who your users really are which events they are performing. Also, you can track what kind of risks from where and performed by whom.

Engineers and Managers can get answers of these questions with user analytics:

  • Users are working in a correct and safe way?
  • What is the risky behaviours and operations?
  • What kind of attacks are performed and how often?
  • Which assets are in the biggest risks?
  • What are the major targets of attacks and when do they happen?
  • What are the attacking routes and how to prevent them?

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Smart Notifications

(Screenshot source: Smart Notification and Its Application)

Dasudian Analytics processes data in real-time, analyzes your user interactions, assets status and operations for you and shows suggestions with respect to production and service optimization, sends instant controlling commands and recommendations. You can get optimization details in real-time smart notifications:

  • Alarms
  • Highlights and Flicker
  • Accurate Control
  • Commands Automation
  • Recommendation Pushing

Engineers and managers can get answers of these questions with Smart Notifications:

  • Which parts of machines are in dangerous?
  • What should I do next step?
  • Is my machine working in the proper way?
  • When shall I maintain the machines?
  • Which instructions should be popup for next operations?

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3 Key Points to Get you started with Dasudian

All Platforms

Compatible with all platforms; Web, Linux, iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and Windows Desktop apps.

Low Footprint

Dasudian’s SDK is lightweight & works in the background without impacting your app’s performance.

Easy Integration

Integrate our analytics solution by adding the DataHub SDK and only a single line of code, in less than a minute.