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Dasudian is focused on creating the preferred engine for intelligent upgrading of industrial manufacturing in China

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IoT Oriented Data Science Development Platform

Dasudian’s Industrial Big-data Engine is a comprehensive industrial-grade PaaS solution that helps quickly design, develop and deploy a new generation of IoT applications and data services.

Real-time connect to the industrial sites, acquire insights of the operations, fullfill comprehensive analytics, driving intelligent decision-making and action based on data.


IoT DataHubTM

Safe, real-time connection to equipment and assets, industrial data processing and washing. Cloud based deployment of industrial applications and business logic. Multi-dimensional, multi-angle equipment control, accurate implementation of real-time predictive analysis, contextualized message pushing and instructions delivery, to meet the needs of large-scale key business and asset management.

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Flow EngineTM

Data Modeling and Artificial Intelligence Algorithm design engine for large-scale and real-time data. Converge data aggregation, data preprocessing, predictive analysis, visualization and decision output in one high-performance computing environment to help developers, data scientists and business analysts to build intelligent industrial data applications.

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Industrial-grade real-time data warehouse and data lake for IoT, converging diversified data from different data sources into a distributed, scalable, secure cloud computing infrastructure, which has a built-in concurrent read-and-write computation framework for large-scale data, and provides fundamentals for big data analysis and applications.

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